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Energy & Focus

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November 26, 2016
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November 26, 2016

Does CBD promote energy and focus?

Unlike THC, which has been shown to cause drowsiness, CBD is thought to promote wakefulness, energy, and focus in humans. The exact mechanisms for why this is observed are not yet known, but scientists have several theories. One theory suggests that CBD affects levels of dopamine in the brain, which are needed for sleep modulation and wakefulness. Others suggest that CBD activates neurons in specific regions of the brain that are involved in the generation of alertness (Murillo-Rodriguiez 2006).

Several studies have shown that CBD can have alerting properties and that it can even counteract the sedating properties of THC (Nicholason 2004). Scientists measured the slow-wave sleep (SWS) latency and REM sleep in rats that were given varying doses of CBD. They found that the rats given CBD were more alert and that their sleep was suppressed (Murillo-Rodriguez 2011). CBD was shown to enhance wakefulness approximately an hour after it was taken, as well as to induce an enhancement of dopamine and serotonin (chemicals which help your mind stay calm and focused on a test and resist depression) (Murillo-Rodriguiez 2006).

Scientists are suggesting that sleep may be modulated by different cannabinoids and that CBD may be therapeutic in sleep disorders such as excessive somnolence (excessive sleepiness or drowsiness) (Murillo-Rodriguiez 2006). Doctors have even been prescribing CBD as a non-conventional treatment for ADHD due to its ability to increase focus and attention (Vlahos 2004).

CBD exhibits a biphasic effect, which means that it can cause different effects at high and low doses. Sleep and wakefulness are good examples of this. At lower doses of CBD, alertness and focus are promoted. At high levels of CBD, sleep is promoted. You may have to try varying amounts to discover how much CBD is right for you.

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