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Hempseed Oil vs CBD Oil

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November 26, 2016
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November 26, 2016

The internet is full of misinformation. Excited bloggers and Facebook friends often post well-intentioned, but inaccurate information about hemp and CBD. .

So let’s start by answering some basic questions. .

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil usually refers to hempseed oil. The term came about before any other type of oil made from the hemp plant existed, so there probably wasn’t any confusion. Hempseed oil is exactly what the name implies; it is oil that is pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant, and it is remarkably healthy and nutritious.

What is CBD Oil?

Unlike hempseed oil, CBD oil is extracted from all parts of the hemp plant except the seeds. This is done using solvents such as alcohol, naptha, or CO2. All of our CBD is extracted using CO2 due to its safety. Solvent residue will remain no matter what extraction method is used, but unlike alcohol or naptha, CO2 is safe – it’s in every breath of air we take! CBD can also be extracted using different oils with high fat content, but this results in a more dilute and inconsistent product. .

What are the practical and functional differences of each?.

If you’re looking for a great source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fatty omega acids, or essential amino acids, you’re looking for hempseed oil. Hempseed oil does not contain cannabinoids, and it has an earthy and nutty aroma. Be sure to get unrefined hempseed oil, which comes in shades of green depending on the particular cold press technique used. Refined hempseed oil is light in color, relatively odorless, and does not have most of the nutritional benefits that unrefined hempseed oil has..

CBD oil is what you may have seen Sanjay Gupta talk about on CNN. It has a host of therapeutic properties and is widely publicized for its anti-seizure properties. CBD oil can be diluted in many different carrier oils, one of which is hempseed oil. To avoid a paste like end product, many companies dilute their CBD with other oils, and I believe this is why the distinction between hemp oil and CBD oil can be confusing. Be sure to look for total CBD content on any CBD products that you buy in order to avoid scams or inferior products that involve passing hempseed oil off as CBD oil.

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