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CBD Steps Out of the Shadows – UK Law Highlights CBD Legitimacy | Quadratum Hemp | Hemp-Based CBD Products

CBD Steps Out of the Shadows – UK Law Highlights CBD Legitimacy

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November 27, 2016
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November 27, 2016

CBD Steps Out of the Shadows – UK Law Highlights CBD Legitimacy

I’ve been asked by potential customers whether or not CBD is actually helping people or if all the stories about CBD helping with Crohn’s, epilepsy, arthritis, depression, anxiety, etc. are just hype coming out of the cannabis community. After all, one compound helping with so many different conditions does seem too good to be true.

Well, I have another piece of comforting news for anyone waiting for more confirmation. On top of the many medical studies, clinical trials, case studies, doctors’ recommendations, and anecdotal reports that say CBD shows great potential and is an effective remedy for a variety of conditions, the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) just announced on Thursday that it will be designating CBD as a compound that can be used for “restoring, correcting, or modifying physiological functions.”

While this may seem like a good thing at first glance, it is also endangering a great number of UK citizens that currently rely on CBD oil and other cannabidiol products for their health. The MHRA sent a letter requiring CBD manufacturers to get their medical authorization within four weeks, but the authorization costs about $115,000 and takes a minimum of 210 days to complete.

At least one member of the British parliament has called on the MHRA to clarify their regulations and has asked if they will regulate CBD as a dietary supplement until the rules are set. Stay tuned for updates.

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