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DEA Declines to Reschedule MMJ | Quadratum Hemp | Hemp-Based CBD Products

DEA Declines to Reschedule MMJ

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November 27, 2016
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November 27, 2016

DEA makes deceitful move on MMJ

The DEA has chosen not to change the classification of marijuana from its current status as a Schedule I drug. Schedule I drugs are believed by the federal government to be dangerous and to have no medical value, which is funny since nearly half of the states and Washington DC have recognized the safety and medical value of marijuana.

The reason why the DEA has even made an announcement about a decision not to change marijuana’s classification is because of two petitions challenging marijuana’s place as a Schedule I drug. The DEA claims that based on advisement from the FDA, there are no known medically beneficial qualities of the cannabis plant, and rigorous scientific research and clinical trials are the only way to ascertain whether or not marijuana has any medical benefits. To that end, they are allowing more institutions to apply to grow marijuana for research purposes. Historically, only the University of Mississippi has been allowed to do that. So this move is a good thing, right?

The short answer is not really. Part of the reason why the petitions were asking for a reclassification of marijuana is because it is extremely difficult to conduct studies on Schedule I drugs, but the DEA won’t reclassify marijuana unless more research is done. So allowing more institutions to produce research-grade medical marijuana is a moot point.

You can think of it in terms of supply and demand. Demand for research-grade medical marijuana is high, and the federal government has the supply locked up. Instead of creating policies that facilitate access to the medical marijuana to help meet the growing demand, the government decided to create more supply and keep it locked up as well.

This is very disappointing news, and it seems to be a deceitful move on behalf of the DEA, so that they can pretend to be progressive and helpful, while actually doing nothing of the sort.

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