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    $37.99 Our balm is infused with a combination of the highest grade plant and natural extracts including CBD/CBDa, hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba, ginseng, and more.
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  • Gold A.F. CBD OIL

    $99.99$279.99 For those looking for a more concentrated form of CBD, our Gold A.F. is filtered to remove unwanted plant compounds, which results in a CBD oil that is over 2 times the concentration of our Green A.U. CBD oil.
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  • Green A.U. CBD OIL

    $63.99$155.99 Our Quadratum Green A.U. CBD oil is also unfiltered. This means that many healthy fatty acids, plant sterols, and terpenes have not been filtered out. Our Green Oil is offered in 2 sizes, 3 grams(456mg of CBD), and 10 grams(1520mg of CBD).
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    $55.99$94.99 Our CBD capsules are made from the highest quality bio-dynamically farmed hemp. This beneficial hemp extract is then encased in a fast-dissolving vegan capsule, which makes them friendly for everyone – regardless of dietary restrictions. Within each plant-based capsule is a sizeable dose of 25 milligrams of cannabidiol. 
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    $33.99$93.99 There’s no better way to obtain a controlled, concentrated dose of CBD on-the-go than with Quadratum’s CBD Oral Spray. With this remarkably convenient product you don’t have to measure out any cannabidiol, only number of sprays. Instead, you get easy-to-use and ready-to-go CBD right in your pocket! 
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